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The Best Sci-Fi from days gone by!

 live saturday nights!


The Phantom Star makes a conscientious effort to acquire license to the material presented in its streams. All content provided is either paid for, created in our studio, found to be in the public domain or attained via creative commons license. The link to the license for most of our creative commons content is here for cc3.0 and here for cc4.0. We are an individually owned operation funding our programming out of pocket.  We are supported by listeners via Patreon (see the link at the top of the page) and do not run for profit...nor do we earn a profit. Proceeds  from Patreon and our store offset the cost of programming but do not cover it. We also do not strive to become profitable. Our sole objective is to share and educate. We do not deliberately distribute material without license. In the event that we become financially successful we will institute a Non - Profit to manage the platform and channel proceeds into content, administration and a  trust to keep the programming running in perpetuity. Any artist or rights holder who believes us to be in violation of their exclusive rights to a piece of material may contact us at phantomstarcrew@gmail.com and we will negotiate the removal or licensing of that content. We strive to avoid the abuse of rights that appears on sites like youtube. A viewer will NEVER see a piece of someone else's material labeled with a statement that we do not own the rights as an excuse for posting unlicensed material. We have faithfully and diligently made effort to insure all our content is available for our use. If we should accidentally use material we have no right to, we will cite our sources to the copyright holder and discontinue use of the material immediately.

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