Horror Hostess/Tax Attorney

Eve St. George

Eve Hosts "Radio Free Transylvania." our weekly Horror segment. Whether it's "Light's Out," "The Inner Sanctum," or "Sleep No More;" we can always count on Eve to put it into a real, modern, and terrifying context for us. She sites her influences as Mr. Karloff, Mr.Lugosi, Mr. Ectomy, and Mr. Woodchipper (our noisy friend who gets rid of all the best evidence.)

John Hamrick

The Cap'n

Writer, Producer, Director....

Yeah....cause that always worked out so well for Ed Wood.

The Cap'n does most of the programming and hosts our weekly Sci-Fi segment, "Future's Past." He cites his influences as Mr. Wood, Mr. Bradbury, Mr. Lee and Mystery Inc.

of the Phantom Star!

The Cast & Crew

Every week we get together to bring the best Sci-Fi from days gone by, and then some! Join us Saturdays from 9:00 pm-midnight, est. You'll never live to regret it!

Man of Action

Dirk Valiant

Mild mannered "Jason Mullins" by day; Dirk hosts our weekly program, "Adventures in Adventure." He's also technically the band leader for our house band, "Monsters from the Id." Jason cites his influences as Mr Cambell, Mr.Tomerson, Mr Olen Rey, Mr. Heineken, and Mr. Wreckshun.