we are long time fans of Marc Gunn. His generosity, through the donation of a creative commons license helped make the phantom Star possible during a time when music royalties were out of reach, Please take a moment to explore his unique blend of celtic geek fair.

Listeners know We're huge lovecraft fans! How could we not be fans of Darkside Media? Darkside Produces Lovecraft P.I. Check out their page for comics and information on the Lovecraft P.I. animated movie.


We're big fans of pulp lit productions. their generosity made our piece on robert E Howard Possible. Take a look at all they have to offer. You won't be disappointed!

Mike Griffith wrote and produced our theme song. He also produces the popular "Search for the edge of tomorrow" segments. Take a little time to check him out on soundcloud!

John & Al.jpg

John and Al Kaplan contributed "Conan: The Musical" to our Howard Special. Take a few minutes to explore their other work here!

Nat Kramer's fantastic video for "Conan Look at my Life." Please support this video and the amazing artists who brought it to life!